Ada, a customer service automation company, is leveraging technology from OpenAI to enhance its conversational artificial intelligence platform. By utilizing GPT-3, Ada can automate the training of customer intents and create answer flows and content based on customers’ knowledge bases. Additionally, Ada is experimenting with large language models and generative AI in order to provide more contextual insights in conversations between customers and bots. This includes summarizing past discussions for both bot builders and live agents. “The world changed with the launch of ChatGPT,” said Mike Murchison, co-founder and CEO of Ada. “We’re going all in on using large language models to empower brands so they can deliver an incredible customer experience that’s trustworthy as well as automated.” Yaniv Markovski, head of support at OpenAI commented: “We’re thrilled to be supporting Ada in their mission to imagine a future where AI plays a critical role within customer service”.

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