Wu Dao 1.0 (Enlightment 1.0)

Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence (BAAI) has recently unveiled Wu Dao 1.0, China’s first large-scale intelligent model system and is designed to promote the research and development in China by further exploring universal intelligence from a more fundamental perspective. This model boasts GPT-3 comparable performance on 20 Chinese NLP tasks such as open-domain answering, grammar correction, sentiment analysis, etc. Wu Dao – Wen Yuan is the largest pretraining language model in China with 2.6 billion parameters and surpassing average human performance benchmarks on text categorization, sentiment analysis, natural language inference, reading comprehension and more. It is capable of performing cognitive activities like memorization, comprehension, retrieval along with multi-language support including both Chinese and English languages which makes it ideal for NLU exploration techniques to study brain inspired language models. To read more about this project visit https://syncedreview.com/2021/03/23/chinas-gpt-3-baai-introduces-superscale-intelligence

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