Talk To Kanye – Yebot

/ Software engineer Wesam Jawich created the Yebot, a chatbot to mimic Kanye West’s conversations. The idea was sparked during a discussion with a friend about artificial intelligence (AI) and its potential applications. During his rollout of his new album, Kanye employed an iMessage-style format – which is what Jawich based the bot on. The process of training the AI involved collecting transcripts from interviews, quotes, tweets and lyrics by Kanye; as well as some fake conversations. The language model used for this purpose was GPT-J. The frontend was built using React.Js while Node.js running an Express app formed the server side of things. Forefront allowed Jawich to deploy his model so that it could handle multiple requests at once from thousands of users simultaneously. At first he tried using GPT-3 but concluded it too costly and instead chose to fine tune J because he found it produced better outputs than GPT-3 did in tests – specifically mimicking Kanye very accurately whilst not being effective in other areas due to having fewer parameters.

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