Once you have your API key, open the Shortcuts app and tap the Automation tab. Tap Create Personal Automation, then select Time of Day. Set the time to when you want SiriGPT to be active. Then, add a “Run Shortcut” action and select Joe Kennedy’s shortcut — this will launch ChatGPT on iOS. Finally, enter your API key in the appropriate field of that shortcut. SiriGPT is an innovative voice assistant built with Apple’s Shortcuts app that combines intelligent automation with GPT-3 powered chatbot capabilities for text generation and conversation. You can use it to quickly get things done on your iPhone or iPad without having to ask questions manually – making it faster and easier than ever before! To install ChatGPT on iOS devices, first generate an OpenAI API key from your account page (create a new secret key). Once you have received your unique API key, open the Shortcuts app on your device and tap ‘Create Personal Automation’, followed by selecting ‘Time of Day’. Next set up a specific time frame within which SiriGTP should be active; then run Joe Kennedy’s specially created shortcut within this timeframe – don’t forget to enter your personal OpenAI API Key into this same shortcut for authentication purposes! Enjoy using SiriGTP today for smarter tasks – all at lightning speed!

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