Red Diaries Fellini Forward by Campari

Federico Fellini, the renowned movie director, may have had a finite lifespan, but could his talent live on through artificial intelligence? Campari Red Diaries: Fellini Forward seeks to answer this question. A short film and accompanying behind-the-scenes documentary will be released at the Venice Film Festival on Sept. 7 before making its way to the New York Film Festival and select digital markets. The project is helmed by directors Zackary Canepari and Drea Cooper for the documentary as well as Maximilian Niemann who directed the short film. However, an AI was also onboard this project in addition to these three human directors – GPT-2 implemented by innovation production studio UNIT9. To get started with their work, they needed a script first and foremost. Therefore UNIT9 created an original script generation tool based off OpenAI’s GPT-2 (which would have been replaced with GPT-3 if it were available when development began). This allowed AI to analyze every script written by Federico Fellini including all style elements, context details, recurring motifs/themes etc so that it could craft up a wholly new screenplay from scratch – something which certainly poses potential competition for human writers in Hollywood!

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