NLP Cloud

With the NLP Cloud platform, you can easily deploy a GPT-J model for your own use case. NLP Cloud also provides APIs for Natural Language Understanding (NER), Sentiment Analysis, Text Classification and Summarization. These APIs allow you to quickly extract insights from text with results that are accurate and easy to understand. You can also use the Question Answering API to answer questions related to facts or knowledge bases such as Wikidata or DBpedia. For example, it can be used in search engines or chatbots where understanding user input is key. In addition, NLP Cloud offers APIs for Translation, Language Detection, Grammar and Spelling Correction, Intent Classification, Code Generation and Chatbot/Conversational AI models – all of which help make your applications smarter! Finally, our diverse range of services can be used for Blog Post Generation & Product Description & Ad Generation; POS Tagging; Tokenization; Lemmatization – so you have all the tools necessary to create amazing content in no time at all!

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