Jurassic-1 Language Models

/jurassic-1-write-rap-lyrics AI21 Labs has recently released Jurassic-1, the first in a sequence of language models (LMs) that will be made available to the research and development community. This powerful tool contains 178 billion parameters, making it 3 billion more than GPT-3 but not as many as PanGu Alpha, HyperCLOVA or Wu Dao 2.0. The team at AI21 Labs used Jurassic -1 to create rap lyrics about some famous figures from history such as Alexander Hamilton and George Washington from the musical “Hamilton” and Eva PerĂ³n from “Evita”. They also had their model generate new lyrics about Barack Obama without explicitly providing any biographical information on him; all of his knowledge such as Harvard Law, Michelle Obama and Chicago were already encoded within the model itself! After generating these raps, they then combined them with a deep fake engine that supports rap music videos along with beats for an amazing final product.

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