Naver Corp. of South Korea has recently launched its powerful artificial intelligence (AI) platform, “HyperCLOVA”, which provides an advanced linguistic capacity similar to the human brain. During a virtual event on Tuesday, the leading internet portal company declared that HyperCLOVA holds more parameters than any other AI language model currently available in the world – 204 billion compared to GPT-3’s 175 billion. The larger amount of parameters allows for better recognition and understanding of different speech tones and dialects. What makes HyperCLOVA unique is that it is not based on English but rather Korean language; 6,500 times more Korean data was used in comparison with what U.S.-based models like GPT-3 have been exposed to, 97 percent of which were related solely to Korean language itself. This system can be utilized as part of various AI services such as conversation processing, translation, summarization or machine reading solutions – possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to their application within new services and businesses alike! In the future Naver plans on expanding HyperCLOVA by making it a multimodal AI able to comprehend visuals such as videos and images too.

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