GPT-3 Covid-19

GPT-3 is an AI system which was trained using data collected before October 2019, so it has no concept of Covid-19. Thomas Smith from Gado Images decided to test the system by teaching it about the virus and asking questions related to the pandemic. Could GPT-3 accurately provide answers? This experiment could have implications for future scenarios in which a new infectious disease arises. With deep learning systems being such powerful pattern detectors, decision-makers could use them to analyze data on novel pathogens and ask targeted questions about its characteristics or behavior. For instance, these systems could spot connections with prior pandemics, similarities between viruses, or other useful trends that may help guide public health measures or predict how a disease will spread. Though GPT-3’s predictions were not completely accurate, they were based on information available as early as February 2020 – including facts like airborne transmission and mask wearing – demonstrating its potential value in similar contexts going forward. To learn more about this story visit

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