Game of Pong

OpenAI recently released Codex in private beta, powering GitHub Co-pilot as an AI pair programmer. This cutting edge technology has drawn much hype and for good reason. To understand this incredible automatic code generation tool better, let us look at a specific example – the game of Pong! Through just a few lines of text, simple visuals and with no need to be an expert in programming, we can build this classic two player game using the help of our AI co-pilot. A quick Google search points us towards Wikipedia where it is described as follows: Pong is a two-dimensional sports game that simulates table tennis. Players control paddles on each side by moving them vertically across the screen to hit a ball back and forth until one reaches eleven points before their opponent does. If popular press reports are to be believed then this type of code generation problem would already be completely solved! Be sure to read Bart Theeten’s full tutorial for more information on how OpenAI Codex was used to successfully create the game of Pong here:

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