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The world of AI has been developing rapidly over the past decade, with tech giants like Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft and Google competing against entire countries such as France, Israel and the United Kingdom. The AI breakthrough GPT-3 developed by OpenAI co-founded by Elon Musk is taking this competition to a whole new level. Eduref decided to find out if artificial intelligence can pass college exams just like humans do. A panel of professors created a writing prompt which was then given both to recent grads & undergraduate writers along with GPT-3 and had the panel grade their anonymous submissions followed by a survey for feedback about them. The results showed that while human writers achieved B’s and D’s on their research methods paper on COVID-19 vaccine efficacy; GPT-3 scored a “C” average across four subjects failing only one paper. Even when it came to writing policy memos for law class GPT 3 passed with flying colours getting a B-. This shows us that although AI isn’t perfect yet its capabilities are remarkable enough for it to achieve decent grades in college just like its human counterparts!

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