ChatGPT PR code review

Pull request reviews with ChatGPT allow your collaborators to comment on the proposed changes, approve them or ask for further modifications before merging. Repository administrators can demand that all pull requests are approved before being merged. Note: this tool is still in progress and should not be used in a production environment yet. You may create a VSCode extension which prompts ChatGPT to refactor code within selected ranges; however, due to time constraints, its implementation has been deferred. To enable review feedback from ChatGPT as a commit or suggested change (#27), use split=true node in the configuration file of your project. It is important to note that errors like 403 may occur if the generated prompt is too long or considered an attack (potentially). Furthermore, when dealing with many changed files there could be poor results produced by ChatGPT – see example at . For more information about usage examples such as YOLO Mode (providing all info at once) and Unstable Split Feature visit Use caution since it’s experimental quality code!

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