Introducing Botto, the world’s first AI artist whose works are powered by a continuously developing algorithm. His art has been sold in NFT format (digital files that are certified as unique using blockchain technology) and has earned over $1.3 million with his most sought-after painting Scene Precede being sold for an impressive 430,000 dollars. To create his artwork, Botto uses VQGAN – a database of millions of images used to train its style and generate images from words. CLIP is then used to check if the results from VQGAN meet the original vision while also choosing two words which make up the title of each painting. Finally GPT-3 generates poetic descriptions of each work produced. Around 300 frames can be created every day by Botto; out of these 350 images per week are chosen based on user preferences through votes and put up for auction in NFT format afterwards. To buy any works produced by this AI artist you must exchange Ethereum currency into BOTTO cryptocurrency as it is proving so popular its price keeps increasing!

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